ARTISTAGENT.SE is a subsidiary of (Täby) City Music AB, founded in 1995 in Stockholm by Håkan and Annie Krantz. Håkan has previously held positions such as sales and product manager at CBS Records, marketing director at Sony Music and Virgin Records and CEO of Danish record label Mega Records.

The original idea of the company was to record and publish remakes of classic christmas-, summer- and children’s songs. Almost immediately the company developed to include publishing and consulting within the music industry. Hakan Krantz has – among other things – worked as a consultant for Mia Music / MTG / Kinnevik, Virgin Records, Universal Music and Export Music Sweden (ExMS).

In 2001, Hakan started a collaboration with well renowned Hollywood actor Peter Stormare, and today he serves as Peters manager/agent in the Nordic countries and most of Europe. This collaboration has in turn also led to Krantz serving as manager for legendary Swedish Hollywood actor Bo Svenson and artist/songwriter Viktoria Tocca.


We also run a publishing department, currently hosting over 100 songs by the following songwriters: Micke Littwold , Peter Stormare , Ciscar , Viktoria Tocca , Tommy Blom , Rolf Carlsson , HEAT , Dynazty and Long Player .


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