Peter Stormare

PETER STORMARE was born in Kumla, but grew up in Arbrå outside of Bollnäs municipality in Hälsingland, where he played guitar and sang in the rock band Kabel & Granater. After graduating from the Royal Swedish Drama School in Stockholm in 1981, Peter was a part of the ensemble at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, where a certain Ingmar Bergman took him under his wing. He spent a total of 10 years on the Royal Dramatic Theatre stage before packing his bags and moving to the United States and New York, where he wanted to try his luck Off Broadway. After a quick detour to Japan and a year as a director at the Tokyo Globe Theatre, Peter finally moved to Los Angeles, where he still lives today.

Since then, Peter Stormare has become a respected name in Hollywood and he has starred in several major international film and television productions. Here is a small selection:

Armageddon Hamilton Seinfeld
Fargo Varg Watching Ellie
The Lost World Tatt av Kvinnen Joey
Chocolat Jägarna 2 CSI
The Big Lebowski Entourage
Brothers Grimm Prison Break
Windtalkers Longmire
Minority Report The Blacklist
Bad Company
Small Town Murder Songs

Besides his acting career, Peter also runs his own record label called StormVox, where a number of productions have been published.


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